About the Book

Writing from her own experience, the author offers a go-to guide that’s honest, insightful, and empowering. The Unofficial Guide to B-School Partner Life is an indispensable guide for MBA (or B-school) partners who want to make the most out of their experience.

Your significant other has been accepted into their dream business school. Hours of deliberation later, fast-forward and there you are, on campus at the beloved B-school. From that instant, the B-school life takes over, from morning classes, weekend projects, and late-night after-parties to group work and class happy hours. Time alone together has now become rare. You start to think, “What am I doing here? Where do I fit in?”

With this book, learn how to navigate your way through and, ultimately, thrive in the B-school bubble, all while building your network and having a great time along the way.

This all-in-one guide provides a pragmatic approach that will help you master the ins and outs of B-school partner life before you know it!


About Mona Bijjani

With a multi-varied career and an MBA from INSEAD, Mona Bijjani is currently based in Singapore. A true third culture kid, she was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in Lebanon, and has since lived in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

She published her debut non-fiction book, The Unofficial Guide to B-School Partner Life, in 2017. It is the first book to be created in this niche genre, a cross between Success Self-Help and Business Education. She wrote it soon after experiencing being an MBA Partner during her husband’s journey at B-School.

Soon after, she started working on her children's books, with Ms. Sun and Mr. Moon: A Shining Story, the first book in her “Nature Friendship” series out in 2019. 

Mona also holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing Communications from Kingston University, London, an MIT certificate in New Venture Leadership, and a B.A. in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut. She is also a US Yoga Alliance-certified yoga instructor. Her love for yoga shares space in her life with her penchant for good coffee, traveling, writing and sailing.